1:30 LRN Newscast April 28

The newest covid-19 cases from the state show positive cases are up 218, a total of 27,286, the smallest percent increase since the outbreak began and fatalities are up 61 to 1758.

The COVID-19 pandemic hits Louisiana’s construction sector hard, but industry leaders are calling for increased investment in infrastructure to reverse that trend. Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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Governor Edwards extends the stay at home order until May 15th citing concerning COVID-19 case growth in areas outside of the New Orleans epicenter like Monroe.

Ouachita Parish reports 651 total cases and 16 COVID deaths, Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo supports the stay at home extension.

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LDH reports the Monroe and Baton Rouge regions are seeing increases in both cases and hospitalizations, while Acadiana is seeing increased cases.

A survey from Lending Tree indicates that 91 percent of coronavirus-impacted homeowners, who asked for assistance are successful. Lending Tree Chief Credit Analyst Matt Schulz says unemployment relief and stimulus checks are helpful but immediate assistance is more effective.

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