LRN PM newscall April 27

Dental procedures resumed today after a month-long ban. Matt Doyle has more.

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LSU students are taking online classes to finish up the spring semester, but the university plans to have students back for the fall semester. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Ouachita Parish Sheriff Deputies arrest a West Monroe man for allegedly firing shots at the home of Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson. O-P-S-O spokesperson Glenn Springfield says 38-year-old Daniel King Jr. has been charged with aggravated assault for the drive-by shooting that happened Friday afternoon.

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Springfield says investigators are not releasing details about the shooter’s motive in firing several shots at the property but adds luckily no one was injured.

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Springfield says surveillance cameras provided important evidence in leading to a quick capture of the suspect.

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Many dentist offices opened back up again today along with time-sensitive elective medical surgeries. Former Louisiana Dental Association President Dr. Kristi Soileau (swallow) says the only work not being allowed is cosmetic dentistry that is for the sole purpose of enhancing someone’s appearance.

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Ongoing orthodontic procedures like check-ups for braces, wires, or aligners are allowed, and procedures to do new braces or aligners are allowed as well if they are not solely for cosmetic reasons.

Soileau says the order does allow people to come back to their dentist for a regular checkup.

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While most procedures are back, social distancing will be observed. Soileau says patients will notice that were will either be no or very few people in the waiting room.

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She also encourages patients to wear masks and says all trafficked areas will be regularly disinfected.


A Baton Rouge Police Officer is dead and another is fighting for his life after responding to tips about a domestic violence homicide suspect. Chief Murphy Paul says the two officers were shot during a four-hour standoff with the suspect, 36-year-old Ronnie Kato, on Sunday.

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Kato was a suspect in a homicide that occurred earlier on Sunday and affidavits indicate Kato has previously made threats against law enforcement.

The only information released about the officers indicates the deceased officer was on the force for 21 years and the surviving officer has been on the force for seven years. Paul says the shooting has shaken the law enforcement community.

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Paul called for the prayers of the communities for the families of the officers and says this is another reminder that they are more than just public servants.

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Kato has been booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish jail. Detectives believe he’s responsible for the fatal shooting of 58-year-old Curtis Richarson in what authorities are calling a domestic violence incident.


LSU interim president Thomas Galligan says the plan is for students to be back on campus this fall. Galligan says the university needs to get back to business, but they ‘ll do it in a safe manner….

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Galligan says he’s hopeful football will be played this fall, but the Tigers will only take the field when it’s safe and delaying the start of the season is a possibility. He says whether Tiger Stadium will be packed is a question they can’t answer now…

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Galligan says chancellors and presidents of SEC schools speak every week and there’s a lot of planning taking place.

If students return to campus for the fall semester. Will dorms be open? Galligan says they want to make sure campus living is safe, which means some dormitories will remain closed…

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Galligan says despite all of the uncertainty, the Baton Rouge campus is setting records for the number of applications.