LRN Newscast 14:30 02-27-15

The Jindal administration laid out a plan today to close a one-point-six billion dollar shortfall. It doesn’t call for any tax increases, but Governor Bobby Jindal proposes the scaling back of some corporate tax credits and higher fees on college students, to reduce drastic cuts to higher ed and health care. Delhi Senator Francis Thompson…
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Legislators will discuss over the next few weeks and pass a budget in June.

This week’s wintery weather did more than made things difficult on the roads; it has made for a lower supply of crawfish. But Mark Shirley, with the LSU AgCenter, says crawfish are good, no matter what size they are…
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Until then, the price will be a bit higher.
Republican gubernatorial candidate, US Senator David Vitter, is getting the endorsement of an ex-president…
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Bill Cosby will be appearing for an 8 pm show tonight at the Heymann (Hi-men) Center in Lafayette, but not without controversy, as allegations of sexual abuse against women still remain. Cosby released a statement thanking the fans for their support, but critics point out that – just because he’s a talented celebrity – doesn’t mean he cannot commit sexual assault.