11:30 AM Newscast

Slidell Senator Sharon Hewitt starts an online petition to give Louisiana residents a chance to urge Governor John Bel Edwards to allow parishes to make their own decisions on when and how they reopen their economies. Hewitt says a statewide stay at home order is not working for areas of the state with low case counts.
Cut 13 (10) “…guidelines.”
The online petition can be found at open-L-A-now-dot-com. Edwards is planning to lift some restrictions after April 30th, but he wants everyone to have their expectations properly set for what it will look like.
Cut 16 (09) “…before”
The governor is expected to provide more details early next week.


Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo says the Easter Sunday tornado that swept through the city carried paperwork from the Masur Museum in Monroe into a Mississippi town 138 miles away.  Mayo says someone found it and mailed it back.

Cut 6 (12) “…into the trash.”

Mayo says that wasn’t the only act of kindness as a Monroe, New Jersey resident anonymously mailed the city a $100 donation after hearing of the tornado’s impact on the town.

While there is limited evidence cats can suffer from COVID-19, the Louisiana SPCA is asking owners not to seek tests for their pets.  If your pet is suffering from what appears to be COVID-like symptoms Louisiana SPCA CEO Anna Zorrilla says talk to your vet before doing anything else.

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If you are positive, Zorrilla says you should practice extra caution when interacting with your pet.