***Correction on AM Newscall***

Hey guys,

The last name of the woman on the Bill Cosby story is “Tucker” not “Turner.” We apologize for the error.

The embattled comedian Bill Cosby is appearing tonight at the Heymann Performing Arts Center in Lafayette. There are some who aren’t happy about that due to allegations which recently surfaced accusing Cosby of sexually abusing women. Ebony Tucker, Director of the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault, is concerned people who still buy tickets to Cosby’s show don’t take these alleged victims seriously…:

Cut 13 (08)  “come forward”

The comedian released a statement thanking fans for love, support and trust and added he can’t wait to warm the hearts of the audience with the gift of laughter. Tucker says it’s their hope that people in the audience tonight realize that famous people also have private lives that are very different from who they portray…:

Cut 14 (06) “criminal activity”

The performance is set for 8pm. Tucker says there has been so much victim blaming surrounding the Cosby allegations that people are separating Dr. Huxabtable from someone who is capable of committing a horrible crime…:

Cut 15  (12)  “sexual assault”