LRN AM Newscall April 24 ###Joe Burrow cuts added###

The coronavirus pandemic may result in the demise of many department stores according to retail experts at Columbia University’s Business School. Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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The SPCA is asking folks not to request COVID-19 tests for their pets. Matt Doyle has the story.

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A petition is circulating urging Governor Edwards to allow parishes to make their own decisions on when, and how to lift the stay at home order and implement the federal phase one reopening…

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Few department stores are likely to survive following the coronavirus pandemic, according to retail experts at Columbia University’s Business School.  New Orleans consultant of real estate valuations Wade Ragas says department stores have already had a tough enough time keeping up with e-commerce in recent years.

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Ragas says social distancing potentially creates overwhelming hurdles for the current business model of department stores.

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Ragas says even if the brick and mortar stores begin to disappear, it is possible to shift familiar brands into the e-commerce space.  As far as which shopping brands have done the best in the pandemic…

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The Louisiana Supreme Court extends an order delaying all jury trials until June 30th.

The order was initially filed April 6th and there’s some fear that a three-month delay in cases will create a nightmare of a trial backlog, but Legal Analyst Tim Meche says Louisiana learned from Katrina and Rita…

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Mid-March was an unlucky time for anyone to get locked up but Meche says DAs and sheriffs have made an effort to release low-risk detainees who are awaiting trial.

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Meche says it’s unlikely the extended delay will result in any legal or constitutional challenges that would impact the court once trials resume.

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While there is limited evidence cats can suffer from COVID-19, the Louisiana SPCA is asking owners not to seek tests for their pets.

CEO Anna Zorrilla says right now we want to make sure COVID testing is focused on humans, who have a more critical need.

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Two cats tested positive in New York City, but the CDC reports there is no evidence cats can transmit the virus back to humans.

If your pet is suffering from what appears to be COVID-like symptoms Zorrilla says talk to your vet before doing anything else.

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Cats can qualify for a COVID test if they meet three strict criteria: direct explore to a known case, evidence of respiratory symptoms, and they’ve received a respiratory diagnostic from a vet.

While cats can catch the virus, Zorrilla says the SPCA recommends people suffering from mild or moderate cases of COVID-19 still keep them their pets with them.

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If you are positive Zorrilla says you should practice extra caution when interacting with your pet.


Slidell Senator Sharon Hewitt starts a petition urging Governor Edwards to allow parishes to make their own decisions on when and how they reopen their economies.

Hewitt says the Governor’s preference to issue stay at home orders on a statewide basis is not working for areas of the state with low case counts.

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The stay at home order is set to end April 30th, but New Orleans has already extended the order locally until May 16th.

Hewitt says the petition at Open-LA-Now-Dot-Com allows state residents to tell Edwards they want to see Louisiana implement President Trump’s plan for reopening locally.

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Edwards says he does not plan on allowing local parishes to open before the stay at home order ends, or to allow parishes to relax restrictions more than others.

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Edwards says as of now it appears some restrictions will be lifted statewide after April 30th, but he wants everyone to have their expectations properly set for what it will look like.

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As expected the Cincinnati Bengals select quarterback Joe Burrow with the number one pick in the 2020 NFL draft. Burrow becomes the third LSU Tiger to be picked number, JaMarcus Russell and Billy Cannon are the other two. The Heisman Trophy winner says he’s ready to go to work in the Queen City…

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Burrow was the first pick in the virtual draft. Commissioner Roger Goodell, general managers, coaches and the players were all at their own homes, instead of Las Vegas where the draft was supposed to be held. Burrow says he didn’t mind hanging out at his home in Athens, Ohio…

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Burrow will have to compete with veteran Andy Dalton in order to be the starting quarterback. The 23-year-old looks forward to the competition…

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