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Louisiana could see another round of severe weather on Sunday. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Phase One of federal guidelines on reopening the economy call for limited access to dine in restaurants and gyms, reopening of elective surgical centers, and more. Matt Doyle has local reaction…

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Dangerous weather conditions are expected with the arrival of two cold fronts into the state this weekend. State climatologist Barry Keim says the first front will roll in late Friday night into Saturday morning.

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The forecaster puts the portion of Louisiana between I-10 and I-20 in the slight to an enhanced risk category for severe weather. Keim says the potential for severe weather is not as great as it was last weekend, but it could still be a bumpy ride and is still worth monitoring.

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Keim says the rain potential is up to about an inch and a half, adding that it is much needed in south Louisiana.

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The Louisiana Hospitality Foundation is raising money to help bar owners stay afloat and keep your favorite local watering hole alive through the COVID Crisis.

LHF Executive Director Jennifer Kelley says all bars are closed and unlike restaurants, they don’t have the option of takeout or delivery.

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Many small businesses are keeping the lights on by taking advantage of federal programs like the CARES Act. Kelley says, unfortunately, bars have a very unusual business model…

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Kelley says locally officials could help bars by expanding alcohol delivery laws.

To contribute or to seek aid visit LHF’s website and look for the South Louisiana Bar Owner Relief Fund.

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The Governor toured the PMAC today.  The home of LSU basketball is playing host to a giant operation to create PPE for frontline healthcare workers.  Interim LSU President Thomas Galligan says the operation started in the garage of Wayne Newhauser, the head of LSU’s Medical Physics department.

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Galligan says the makeshift PPE factory has produced gowns from donated billboard vinyl.

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In the near future, Galligan believes the operation will be outputting 1000 gowns a day.

Galligan credits the ability of departments to work in unison to get the job done.

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The Trump Administration issues guidelines to states on how to reopen their economies in three “phases”.

Phase one continues to encourage social distancing but allows activities like limited dine-in access to restaurants. The Pelican Institute is calling on Louisiana to implement Phase One May 1st.

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That’s VP of Policy and Governmental Affairs Renee Amar.

Phase One reopenings are being left to local governments with recommendations of implementation on a parish by parish basis. Amar says the phase-ins are effective because they’re flexible…

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Governor Edwards says any implementation of these phased reopenings will be done on the advice of his Resilient Louisiana Commission that will study the potential tradeoffs of opening the economy.

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