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Over 1,200 people are now confirmed to have died of COVID-19 in Louisiana as the state tallies another 57 fatalities. Despite the growing loss of life the spread of the virus appears to be slowing consistently as ventilator use and hospitalizations are down.

This will be a good weekend for social distancing with some nasty weather headed our way.  State climatologist Barry Keim says the rain potential is up to about an inch and a half, which will be a relief for south Louisiana…

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Bars statewide remain shuttered and bills are piling up so the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation is raising money to help owners stay afloat. LHF Executive Director Jennifer Kelley says to contribute to your local watering hole or to seek aid visit LHF’s website and look for the South Louisiana Bar Owner Relief Fund.

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The Department of Education has provided guidelines for local districts in student advancement.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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