5:30 PM Newscast

The Louisiana Health Department reports over 12-hundred new cases and 54 additional deaths to bring our total COVID 19 cases to 5,237 and 239 deaths. Since the state is showing no signs of flattening the curve. Edwards have now requested double the hospital beds for the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Governor John Bel Edwards plans to extend his stay at home order until April 30th, which means schools will remain closed for at least the next month. The state has already waived standardized tests for this year, but what if school does not resume this year. How can you decide if a child should be promoted to the next grade or if they are eligible to graduate high school?  Edwards says the state department of education is trying to figure out those questions…
Cut 13 (07) “…young people”
The Bonnet Carre Spillway may be opened later this week due to forecasts of the river rising above flood stage.

Legislators returned to the state capitol today, introduced some bills and left about an hour later. It’s unclear when they’ll return. House Speaker Clay Schexnayder says because of the uncertainty around the COVID-19 outbreak, they are not setting a return date
Cut 14 (11) “…come back”
The 2020 legislative session must conclude by June 1st and a budget must be approved by July 1st.
Due to Louisiana’s hotbed of COVID-19 cases, Texas’s Governor is attempting to mitigate the spread with a mandate requiring a quarantine for Louisiana travelers coming into the Lone Star State. Louisiana State Police Trooper Dustin Dwight says anyone who has a previously scheduled medical trip along with a few other exemption statuses can skip the quarantine.
Cut 8 (09) “…apply to them.”
Dwight adds that he has not heard about any checkpoints at the Texas line.