AM Newscall 03/02/2020

First responders from around the country have begun reaching out to the LSU National Center for Biomedical Research and Training, asking when coronavirus trainings will be available…

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Governor Edwards is expected to detail his legislative priorities for the upcomming session today at the Baton Rouge Press Club. Matt Doyle spoke with an analyst about what to expect…

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An LSU professor is shedding light on how to detect fake news. Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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The LSU National Center for Biomedical Research and Training is set to start helping first responders from around the country prepare for the coronavirus.

NCBRT Associate Director of Research and Development Jerry Monier says they’re developing training that will teach responders the history of the virus, how to ID it, how to respond to it, and then…

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NCBRT is known for it’s work training first responders nationwide, and Monier says they’re no stranger to preparing people to take on public health emergencies…

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NCBRT trained over 3,000 personnel located in the center of the West African Ebola crisis.

The US has yet to suffer a major outbreak of the virus, but Monier says first responders aren’t just waiting for that first explosion to happen.

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NCBRT will be releasing information on when these trainings will become available on their website.


Governor Edwards will lay out his legislative agenda today at the Baton Rouge Press Club, exactly one week before the start of the 2020 session.

Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat expects the Governor will continue pushing a minimum wage increase and equal pay for women, Democratic priorities, but also tout a major bipartisan policy…

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The Governor’s budget recommends a 25 million dollar increase in early childhood education spending.

Lawsuit reform is expected to dominate the upcoming session. Pinsonat says despite his past opposition, he feels Edwards has little choice but to come out with some compromise offers today.

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Pinsonat says a substantial number of this year’s new class of lawmakers won their seats on the back of promises to vote for lawsuit reform.

Pinsonat says Edwards will likely call for a number of spending increases today, but his ambitions may be more hampered by this year’s more Republican legislature.

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The Revenue Estimating Conference has yet to agree to a revenue forecast for the budget.


LSU Manship School of Mass Communication professor Len Apcar relaunches a website that aims to help spot fake news and disinformation.  The website,, is a curated resource guide on the latest developments in fake news.  Apcar says the website is full of tips on how to fact check with do-it-yourself tools and information.

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Apcar says fake news is all around us, but it’s a small percentage of the overall amount of information out there.  However, it is increasing.

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Apcar says the process of fact-checking is usually a quick one with the website.

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The website was created three years ago to give users advice on how to spot fake news articles, and has since grown into a one-stop aggregator of latest news, research, and analysis of disinformation.


A Shreveport woman is dead after being attacked by two pit bulls on Thursday night.  The victim has been identified as 64-year-old Geraldine Hamlin.  Shreveport Police Corporal Angie Willhite says the woman shared a home with her son and the dogs.

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The victim was taken to a hospital where she died on Friday morning.  Willhite says the dogs were very familiar with the victim.

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Willhite says it is unclear as to what, if anything, provoked the animals to attack.

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