LRN PM Newscall February 27

A brutal allergy season is ahead for allergy sufferers. Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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Congressman Ralph Abraham tells Matt Doyle his support for term limits guided his decision not to seek a 4th term in office…

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According to the annual AccuWeather spring allergy forecast predicts we’ll see a brutal allergy season. In Louisiana, the forecast calls for an above-average season.  LSU Health New Orleans Professor of Allergy/Immunology Dr. Sanjay Kamboj says the pollen is already here.

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Kamboj says humidity, hot weather, and carbon dioxide from cars all contribute to this being a brutal season.

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In order to prevent an allergy flair up, Kamboj recommends not opening windows and doors until the early afternoon. If an allergy sufferer goes outside, there are steps to take upon getting home.

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U.S. Representative Ralph Abraham will not seek a fourth term in office, citing a promise he made before being elected in 2014 that he would term limit himself.  Abraham says the decision to serve only three terms in the House is one he made six years ago on the campaign trail….

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The Congressman says the decision was not hard, and he’s proud of the votes he cast on behalf of Louisiana’s sprawling 5th district.

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Abraham isn’t completely ruling out future public service, and assuming the President were to win reelection, he would be interested in a position in his administration if offered.

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Abraham finished third in the gubernatorial primary last October.


A House bill filed by Jonesboro Republican Jack McFarland aims to allow nighttime hunting for feral hogs on private property any time of the year.  Similar legislation has been attempted in the past, but McFarland believes the problem has gotten worse and feels it would have more support this year.

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A hunter would need a basic hunting license and as well as permission from the land owner.  McFarland says the bill would also extend to other damaging species.

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Current law McFarland says feral hogs will eat anything and have a negative impact of row crops as well as other wildlife, but adds the problem isn’t just limited to rural communities.

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Oil prices continued to fall today as demand weakens over concerns from the coronavirus. The U-S West Texas Intermediate crude fell below 46-dollars a barrel, it’s lowest level since January 2019. LSU Energy Studies Director David Dismukes says there’s a lot of uncertainty right now

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Dismukes says if oil prices continue to drop, it will cause problems in the oil patch for businesses who are already struggling to make a profit

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With oil prices dropping, motorists are seeing gas prices for regular gasoline just above two-dollars a gallon and the cost of natural gas has also declined. But Dismukes Louisiana’s economy is at its best when energy companies are making money and profits are hard to pull off right now

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