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The CDC warns it’s not a matter of if the coronavirus will reach the U-S, but when and how many it will affect. As Congress debates over funding to combat the disease, LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine Chief of Infectious Diseases, Dr. Julio Figueroa, explains what the school is doing to prepare.
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Research at this time shows that 80 percent of those diagnosed with the virus have mild symptoms, and 20 percent will require medical attention.
Congressman Ralph Abraham announced Wednesday that he will not seek a fourth term in office, keeping a campaign promise of only serving three terms in office. ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says Abraham, a physician by practice, has been always been a visible community figure in Northeast Louisiana and he doesn’t see that changing.
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The 5th Congressional district Republican’s decision comes months after his unsuccessful run for governor.

Last year there was a significant effort to pass a sports wagering bill, and now Metairie Senator Cameron Henry is filing legislation this year for a statewide proposition election to determine whether sports wagering will be permitted in a particular parish.  If successful, it will appear on the November 3rd ballot. Sports betting in a particular parish would only be permitted after the state laws concerning licensing, regulation, and taxation are enacted and become effective.  Henry says in the 2021 legislative session, bills could be filed to better smooth out all of the details of how sports wagering would work.

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A new poll from YouGov asked over 8,000 people to name the hardest thing to give up for 40 days for Lent. Data journalist at YouGov Jamie Ballard says the number one answer is watching TV or streaming services.

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TV got 29%. Caffeine came in second with 19%.