LRN PM Newscall Feb 26

U-S Senator John Kennedy has a tense exchange with acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf over the coronavirus. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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If you file a restraining order in Louisiana and fail to show to appear at court the judge could order you to pay court costs. Brooke Thorington spoke with a domestic violence advocate.

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U-S Senator John Kennedy is not happy with the lack of answers from acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf over the coronavirus. Kennedy’s frustration grew when Wolf couldn’t say how many respirators and masks are available or if there’s an estimate on how many cases we might see in the U-S…

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The tense line of questioning came during a hearing on Homeland Security’s budget. Kennedy’s blood pressure rose when Wolf said a vaccine could be available in a few months, but C-D-C officials said it could take 12 to 18 months…

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During Tuesday night’s 2020 Democratic presidential debate, the candidates hammered President Trump’s response to the Coronavirus. Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy says the Trump administration is on top of it and has proposed spending two-point-five billion dollars as part of a response plan…

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U-S Health officials say it’s only a matter of time before the coronavirus spreads to the United States. So far there have been 14 confirmed cases in the US, but none in Louisiana.


If victim a of domestic violence fails to appear at court in Louisiana during the filing of a temporary restraining order for any reason the judge could deem it frivolous and charge the victim court cost. In a state that has the second-highest rate of women murdered by men in the nation, Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence Director Mariah Wineski says this practice needs to stop.

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Wineski says the potential burden of court costs could have a chilling effect across the state for victims of domestic abuse and those who so desperately need to file protective orders.

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There are many reasons why a victim might not be able to attend a hearing, unable to get time off work, a sick child or intimidation from their assailant. Wineski says then the judge could turn around and order the victim to pay court costs.

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If you are a victim of Domestic Abuse you can call the Louisiana Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-888-411-1333


Governor Edwards calls for the resignation of 23rd Judicial District Judge Jessie LeBlanc following her admission to using racial text messages. Loyola University law professor Dane Ciolino says it’s outside of the Governor’s reach to make such a call.

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LaBlanc’s lawyer Jill Craft released a statement saying her client’s statements were made in a private conversation and in response to a threatening situation. If that is now the litmus test for any public official, then every one of our public officials should be immediately held to the same standard.

Ciolino expects the matter to be referred to the Judiciary Commission of Louisiana…

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Ciolino says the private nature of her use of the slurs makes it an extrajudicial comment rather than something that happened in the court room. But that doesn’t make her exempt from discipline as in 2004, a Houma judge was suspended for a one-year without pay after he dressed in blackface for a private Halloween party.

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Visitation begins tonight for former state lawmaker Butch Gautreaux who passed away Saturday at the age of 72. Gautreaux represented the Morgan City area for 16 years in the state legislature. Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party, Stephen Handwerk, says Gautreaux was a strong voice for the less fortunate

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Gautreaux also served in the Navy from 1968 to 1972 after graduating from Central Catholic High School. He was also a small business owner for 30 years in Morgan City. Handwerk says Gautreaux worked well with both sides of the aisle when it came to managing the state’s finances

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Handwerk says Gautreaux worked with former US Senator Mary Landrieu on funding for our coast

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The funeral service is Thursday morning at 10 AM at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Morgan City.