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Governor Edwards calls for the resignation of 23rd Judicial District Judge Jessie LeBlanc following her admission to using racial text messages. Loyola University law professor Dane Ciolino expects the matter to be referred to the Judiciary Commission…

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LaBlanc’s lawyer Jill Craft released a statement saying her client’s statements were made in a private conversation and in response to a threatening situation.
Visitation begins tonight for former state lawmaker Butch Gautreaux who passed away Saturday at the age of 72. Gautreaux represented the Morgan City area for 16 years in the state legislature. Executive Director of the Louisiana Democratic Party, Stephen Handwerk, says Gautreaux was a strong voice for the less fortunate

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If you file a restraining order in Louisiana and fail to appear at court the judge could order you to pay court costs. Brooke Thorington spoke with a domestic violence advocate.

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Shreveport television stations are reporting a robbery suspect was fatally shot last night by police. Officers were reportedly investigating a robbery near an apartment complex when they spotted the suspect, who shot at officers. Police returned fired, striking him. He died at a local hospital and no officers were injured. It was one of three deadly shootings in Shreveport yesterday.