LRN PM Newscall February 24

There’s legislation this session to allow surveillance cameras to be installed in the classroom to protect special needs students. Brooke Thorington explains.

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Federal officials have given the state approval to spend one-point-two billion dollars in grant money that can be used to protect communities from flooding. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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In the face of criticism from teachers, the governor’s office has signaled they could back a 500-dollar raise on top of the one-thousand dollar salary boost teachers got this year. Louisiana Federation of Teachers legislative director Cynthia Posey applauds Governor Edwards for changing his mind…

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The governor’s initial budget proposal did not include specific language for a pay raise. But Edwards’s education policy adviser told a task force that a 39-million dollar funding increase for public schools should go to teacher pay raises.

Last year, we were told Louisiana teachers were paid about 22-hundred dollars below the southern regional average. Posey says states around Louisiana have done a better job keeping up with the S-R-A…

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The debate over whether teachers will get another pay raise will head up two weeks from today when lawmakers convene for the 2020 legislative session. Posey hopes lawmakers will see the value in paying public school teachers a good salary…

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Surveillance cameras may soon be in place to protect special need students in Louisiana classrooms. Baton Rouge Senator Franklin Foil says he was approached by the Developmental Disabilities Council to sponsor Senate Bill 39 after the council placed a recorder on a child and they were able to document ongoing abuse of an autistic student attending Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy in 2018.

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If enacted parents can request school systems install cameras in the classrooms to monitor interactions. Foil says stories of abuse are statewide and he believes cameras will clear up any questions parents have of what’s really going on in the classroom.

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A similar measure to protect nursing home patients passed in 2018 and Foil believes Senate Bill 39 to safeguard Special Need students will be enacted as well.

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The estimated cost of installing the cameras is about $7-million with each camera costing around $5-thousand.


The federal government has approved the state’s plan to spend one-point-two billion dollars in grant money that will be used to reduce the flood risk for several communities. Director of the Louisiana Office of Community Development, Pat Forbes, says they’ll implement the plan as fast as possible

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Forbes says they expect the money will become available in the spring and they’ll start using the dollars to improve rain and river gauges and models for every watershed in the state

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Forbes says the Louisiana Watershed Initiative will work with regional steering communities to guide flood mitigation decisions and investments…

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A Breaux Bridge man faces animal cruelty charges, accused of tossing a bag full of lab puppies from a bridge into Bayou Portage in Henderson last week. St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office Major Ginny Higgins credits the public’s help for nabbing 55-year-old Gary James Goulas.

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The charges, one for each puppy, are felony offenses with a fine of $5,000 to $25,000 and possible prison time of 1 to 10 years for each count. Higgins says it is an act that is not taken lightly.

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The puppies are in the care of Every Paw Animal Rescue in Evangeline Parish and Higgins says they appear to be doing well.

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A nearby fisherman saw the suspect toss what appeared to be litter into the water and drive away. Upon retrieval of the bag, the fisherman discovered the pups inside.