1:30 LRN Newscast

Legislation filed for the upcoming session would allow surveillance cameras to be installed in the classroom of special needs students. Brooke Thorington explains.
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The Edwards administration has indicated they would support a 500-dollar raise for teachers in an effort to get Louisiana teacher salaries closer to the southern regional average. Louisiana Federation of Teachers legislative director Cynthia Posey hopes lawmakers will see the value in paying teachers a good salary…
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The federal government has approved the state’s plan to spend one-point-two billion dollars in grant money that will be used to reduce the flood risk for several communities. Director of the Louisiana Office of Community Development, Pat Forbes, says they’ll implement the plan as fast as possible
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Forbes says they expect the money will become available in the spring.

A Breaux Bridge man faces animal cruelty charges for allegedly tossing a bag full of lab puppies from a bridge into Bayou Portage in Henderson last week. St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Major Ginny Higgins credits the public’s help for nabbing 55-year-old Gary James Goulas.
Cut 12 (10) “… cruelty to animals.”
The charges, one for each puppy, are felony offenses.