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58-year-old Geraldine Carmouche has been identified as the Mardi Gras reveler who died last night at a New Orleans parade, reportedly after attempting to run between the gap in a linked tandem float. New Orleans Councilwoman Kristian Palmer says it’s a terrible tragedy, but also a reminder to parade-goers about being safe.

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Nyx, an all-woman parade, is the largest in New Orleans.

The Board of Regents OKs a new policy allowing schools who let too many students who don’t meet admonitions criteria in to be hit with financial penalties. The changes provoked concern the Board was increasing enrollment standards. Higher Ed Commissioner Kim Hunter Reed says that misunderstanding was evident in an Advocate headline claiming standards were going up.

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Summerfield High School Principal Brian Biggs is in the Claiborne Parish jail after being arrested this morning at his home for multiple sex crimes.  State Police Trooper Brent Hardy says the investigation continues and urges parents to have a talk with their kids about Biggs.

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Summerfield High famously produced NBA Hall of Famer Karl Malone.

The Louisiana Lottery says the lack of massive Powerball and Mega Million jackpots recently results in fewer dollars for education. Lottery spokesperson Kim Chopin says the lack of excitement around big multistate jackpots has offset the uptick in scratch-off ticket sales, which are up about 3.7 percent.

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The Louisiana Lottery is required to transfer at least 35 percent of its revenue to the state, much of which is used toward education.