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The Public/Private school split in postseason Football, baseball, basketball, and softball will remain after a move to reunite the playoffs failed to get the 2/3rd vote needed for passage.  North Vermilion High School principal Tommy Byler’s proposal grabbed 52 percent of votes, but it just wasn’t enough…

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The proposal would have created six classes and eight in all other sports and many select schools would play at a higher classification.

The 99th Louisiana State Police Cadet class graduated yesterday, adding 51 new troopers to the force. State Police Lt Nick Manale says it took a lot of study and physical training to pull off, plus some very job-specific classes….

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The classes lasted 23 weeks.

AAA is concerned the growing number of states who have legalized recreational marijuana have not adapted their impaired driving laws to compensate for it. AAA Spokesperson Don Redman says lawmakers need to consider the serious ramifications as laws against driving high will be very hard to enforce and impairment tricky to determine once recreational use is legal.

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The Grammy award for Music Education goes to Maplewood Middle’s Mickey Smith who runs the Suplhur based schools music program. Smith was nominated and ultimately won, due to his charity work providing kids with instruments, and his ability to massively expand Maplewood’s music program.

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Smith was nominated by Sean Ardoin, who has won two Grammys himself for his work in creole rock and roll and creole soul.