6:30 LRN Newscast Jan 1

24 states raise their minimum wage today, but not Louisiana. Matt Doyle spoke the Louisiana Budget Project about the odds of an increase for 2020…

Cut 1 (30) “I’m Matt Doyle”

A storm system is churning in the Gulf of Mexico that will ultimately bring rain to Louisiana. State Climatologist Barry Keim says along with the wet conditions, some very warm temps for this time of year.

Cut 6 (08) “…to increase overnight.”

About a quarter of Louisiana SNAP recipients will see a decrease in their benefits as a result of a Social Security cost of living benefit increase. DCFS Secretary for Family Support Sammy Guillory says SSI and veteran’s benefits recipients have received a 1.6 percent COLA increase for 2020.

Cut 12 (09) “…dollars” 

Georgia takes on Baylor tonight in the Superdome for the Sugar Bowl. The matchup between number five and number seven has seen ticket prices drop as low as the single digits. Sugar Bowl Chief Executive Officer Jeff Hundley says there’s no way to sugar coat it; attendance will be lower than usual…

Cut 9 (09) “Line up”

He adds the game is also overshadowed by the National Championship game between LSU and Clemson just a week later at the same location.