LRN PM Newscall November 27

The College Football Playoff selection committee ranks Ohio State over LSU. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Roads are packed with travelers over the four-day weekend and law enforcement are stepping up patrols to help keep things safe. Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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The college football playoff selection committee has dropped LSU to number two and moved Ohio State to number one in the latest rankings. The Buckeyes just beat a top ten team in Penn State. Tiger Rag Assistant Editor Tyler Nunez says O-S-U has the same number of quality wins as LSU…

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LSU closes out the regular season by hosting Texas A-and-M, while O-S-U is at Michigan. Tiger Rag Editor Ron Higgins says the drop in the ranking should provide the Tigers with some extra motivation

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The C-F-P committee will announce the four playoff teams December 8th. If the rankings do not change, LSU would play Clemson in a semifinal contest. Nunez says Clemson is undefeated, but do not have a win against a Top 25 team…

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Law enforcement agencies are stepping up patrols over Thanksgiving weekend in an effort from keeping the holiday from turning into a tragedy.  Louisiana Highway Safety Commission executive director Lisa Freeman says in 2018’s four-day Thanksgiving weekend, four people died in alcohol-related crashes.

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Last year, in total ten people were killed and over 700 injured on Louisiana roads.

Freeman stresses the importance of reducing distractions as driving alone is enough multitasking behind the wheel.

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Freeman says the most important action people can take to protect themselves is buckling their seatbelts.

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Nationally, 291 people died in Thanksgiving weekend traffic crashes and about half of those were not wearing seat belts.


A Boy Scout leader, 49-year-old Randy Miller Jr. is charged with 500 counts of possession of child pornography according to Livingston parish authorities.  Legal analyst Franz Borghardt says the judge likely stacked all those counts to set an unprecedented $50 million bond.

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Borghardt says Miller’s troubles likely will not end at the state level.

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Borghardt says the judge likely set the bond at such a level to send a message that Miller will not be out for the holidays.

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With school out for Thanksgiving, Bossier Parish’s Sherriff Deputy School Resource Officer Dusty Crenshaw took to patrolling the streets instead of the halls this week. On Monday Crenshaw answered a call that a dog was running loose along Interstate 20. On his first drive of the area, he didn’t see the dog but he made a second pass and located the white and tan dog that was dragging a chain.

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In the last year Crenshaw lost two of his own dogs and he knows the importance of reuniting the roaming pup with its rightful owner.

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Crenshaw took the dog to a nearby vet to see if the dog was chipped but it wasn’t. He then dropped her off at Bossier City Animal Control so her rightful owner would have three days to claim her. Since he located the dog, he’s already been back to visit her and Crenshaw asked the shelter to call him first if no one claims the dog.

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Bossier City Animal Control takes in an average of 40 to 50 dogs per month. They want to encourage you if you are thinking about getting a pet this holiday season to adopt before you shop.