10:30 Newscast August 2, 2014

551 new laws went into effect in Louisiana yesterday. One of those laws would grant an immediate divorce in domestic violence situations. New Orleans Senator JP Morrell says previously, even if you had tons of evidence that you were a victim of domestic violence, you’d still have to wait 6 months to a year before you get a divorce…

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He says now if someone has reasonable proof that they’ve been abused and can show that in court, they will be able to divorce the abuser right away. Morrell says other new laws dealing with domestic violence ban abusers under a protective order from possessing a firearm and those convicted of domestic abuse are prohibited from possessing a firearm for 10 years.

A Louisiana Public Safety delegation will travel to the US/Mexico border Monday for a security briefing and tour by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Among those in the delegation are State Police Colonel Mike Edmondson and Speaker of the Louisiana House of Representatives, Chuck Kleckley.

Colorado State Univeristy researchers continue to predict a below average 2014 Atlantic Hurricane season. Michelle Southern has that…

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According to the Louisiana chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business, this week’s sales-tax holiday will be a big help to local businesses that have been struggling in this sluggish economy. Spokesman Todd Pack says weak sales continue to be a problem for your shops down the street, but this sales-tax holiday is exactly the shot in the arm small businesses need…

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The Louisiana Department of Revenue says the state sales-tax holiday, which runs through today, applies to all consumer purchases of tangible personal property up to $2500, other than vehicles and meals.