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So far early voting turnout for the primary is nearly double that of the 2015 election, and state officials say it could indicate higher than average interest in this year’s election. Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin says the 2015 election only saw turnout in the upper 30s, but if these numbers hold we could be in for noticeably better numbers.

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If turnout does hit the mid-40s Ardoin says they’ll still have enough stickers, as they printed over 3 million.

The Saints defense came alive in the Black and Gold’s 12-10 win last night over the Dallas Cowboys.The Teddy Bridgewater led offense has not lived up to the usual sky-high offensive expectations of Saints fans. Safety Von Bell says they’re comfortable carrying the team while the offense works out some of the kinks.

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The Louisiana Tumor Registry adds a new data visualization tool to their website.  Registry spokesperson Lauren Maniscalco says it is a new resource for everyone in Louisiana to better understand the burden of cancer.

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Maniscalco says the tool is very interactive in breaking down data on the types of cancer, parish by parish.  She adds having the tool may lead to targeting areas for awareness of specific cancers.

25 years after the first riverboat set anchor in Baton Rouge the market is now struggling as revenues are cratering in one of the biggest gaming regions of the state.

Chairman of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board Ronnie Jones says unfortunately today’s milestone is also a reminder of a prolonged slump casino revenues for the area that need intervention.

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