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over 56,000 voters showed up to cast their ballots Saturday for the first day of early voting. Matt Doyle has the story.

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Former Louisiana Sen. Heulette “Clo” Fontenot Jr. was killed in a car wreck Sunday morning after driving into the path of an oncoming car on a Livingston Parish highway, authorities said. The Louisiana State Police said Fontenot, 58, of Denham Springs, failed to yield for an oncoming Lexus while making a left turn around 11:30 a.m. on LA 63.







25 years after the first riverboat set anchor in Baton Rouge the market is now struggling as revenues are cratering in one of the biggest gaming regions of the state.

Chairman of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board Ronnie Jones says all 20 casinos across the state has seen a decline in the last five years, and the commission is looking at potentially switching the location of some licenses.

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Jones says the gaming industry peaked after Katrina has since been on the decline.

The Saints defense came alive in the Black and Gold’s 12-10 win last night over the Dallas Cowboys holding the formerly prolific Dallas offense to just 257 total yards.Star linebacker Demario Davis says last night’s defense performance it’s an incredible achievement, in 2019.

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