7:30 LRN Newscast Sept 27

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That’s Governor Edwards going after Republican challenger Ralph Abraham during last night’s gubernatorial debate. Edwards has criticized Abraham for missing the most votes out of any Congressman. The two GOP candidates attacked each other as well, Eddie Ripsone said he’s the true conservative in the race, while Abraham says he’s not a career politician and pointed out Rispone has been involved in politics for a long time.

Early voting for the October 12th election begins tomorrow. Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin says there’s a big football game on October 12th, so take advantage of the week-long early voting period…
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Early voting will conclude next Saturday, except on Sunday. Geaux-vote-dot com has polling locations.

During the governor’s race, Governor Edwards has touted a 500-million dollar surplus caused by an improving economy. But Chief Economist of the Legislative Fiscal Office, Greg Albrecht, says changes to federal tax laws, which led to higher state taxes and conservative estimates from the Revenue Estimating Conference has led to the extra cash…
cut 9 (11) “…shortfall”
The legislature will determine how the 500-million dollar surplus will be spent.

The governor’s office announces that Fibrebond, Webster Parish’s largest employer, will retain its operations in Minden. Fibrebond was looking to relocate to Texas, because of poor roads. State Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson says the governor and others will sign a Memorandum of Understanding next month that will identify specific improvements the state will provide…
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