06:30 Newscast February 3, 2015

State Treasurer John Kennedy says Louisiana is in danger of seeing a drop in its credit score. Moody’s Investors Service warned that the state’s recent reductions in revenue estimates are a “credit negative.” Kennedy says states have credit ratings just as individuals do…

cut 7 (10) “for example”

Kennedy says Moody’s is one of the major credit rating agencies and they’ve essentially fired a warning shot at Louisiana saying that if we don’t get our financial house in order, they will downgrade us from stable to negative.

A new poll conducted by the Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics shows that Governor Bobby Jindal’s numbers have slipped among Iowa Republican voters. Jindal got two-percent of respondents when asked for their first choice in a presidential candidate. Pollster Ann Selzer says it’s too early to count Jindal out, but he does have some work to do…

cut 4 (05) “at this point”

Jindal also received two-percent when respondents were asked for their second choice.

Retired Lieutenant General Russel Honore wants to see Louisiana implement an air monitoring system, paid for by private companies. Honore, who was in charge of military relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina, now leads a coalition of environmental groups called the Green Army. Honore says the state has 150 chemical plants and no system in place to monitor what they put into the air…

cut 10 (09) “we do that”

The Green Army proposes a series of sensors to be installed outside of chemical plants, monitoring the air quality. Honore says he’ll seek to have the state legislature pass what he calls a 21st Century Clean Air Bill.