06:30 Newscast January 29, 2015

Sasol’s announcement of a delay in their final decision to invest in a proposed gas-to-liquids plant in southwest Louisiana has raised some concern in the business community. But George Swift, President of the Southwest Louisiana Economic Development Alliance, says construction has already begun on Sasol’s $8 billion ethane cracker and that quells his concern…

cut 4 (07) “a later date”

The South African energy company cites falling oil prices as the reason for their announced delay.

The Onion, a satirical news website, recently wrote an article skewering Governor Bobby Jindal that’s getting national attention. ULM Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley says a couple of things may have put Jindal in the cross hairs of The Onion…

cut 7 (11) “State University”

The fictitious article claimed that Jindal’s presidential campaign would last about two months before he pulled out of the race.

State Police announce that 150 additional troopers will be deployed to New Orleans for this year’s Mardi Gras season. Superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson says the troopers will be working in the city through Fat Tuesday. Edmonson says that number is up from past years…

cut 10 (10) “we need to”

He says the detail will include a visible uniform security presence in the French Quarter and Central Business District as well as plain clothes officers. Edmonson says, looking forward, there will be an increased number of troopers in the city for events through May.