LRN Newscast 16:30 January 28, 2015

Republican Congressman Steve Scalise agrees to meet with two civil rights leaders in the aftermath of reports he spoke to a group of white supremacists in 2002…
CUT 1 (31) “reporting”

Governor Bobby Jindal says his proposed budget cuts will be presented to lawmakers, along with a list of “options” to ease some of the slashing. With the state facing a 1.6 billion dollar shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year, the Jindal administration is considering cuts for colleges, and to health care services.
The South African energy company Sasol says it is delaying the decision to invest in a proposed gas-to-liquids plant in the Lake Charles area. LSU Center for Energy Studies Executive Director David Dismukes says you can blame falling oil and natural gas prices…
CUT 8 (10) Q: ‘oil prices’
He says other announced projects in Louisiana could be delayed as well.

It was a surprising awakening this morning for one Slidell homeowner, as he discovered a strange man asleep on his couch. The owner didn’t waste any time, as he immediately called police…
CUT 11 (09) Q: ‘further incident”
That’s Slidell Police Detective Daniel Seuzeneau, who says 31 year-old Sharrod McCullum was arrested without incident.