AM Newscall 08.01.19

Today marks the first day of Louisiana having a minimum age for marriage, with that age being set at 16. Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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A study shows quality of life improvements for Medicaid expansion enrollees since the Governor announced the expansion three years ago. Matt Doyle has the story…

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The Purple and Gold are suiting up for their first day of camp today, with fans anxious to see who’s ready to step up after the team saw some big changes in the offseason…

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Louisiana now has a minimum age for marriage in the state.  The new law that goes into effect today sets the age at 16.  During discussion by lawmakers, the age limit for marriage received pushback from GOP lawmakers saying it puts a roadblock in front of marriage in the event of teenage pregnancy.  President of the Louisiana Family Forum Gene Mills was among those in opposition to an age limit.

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Those in favor of the age limit insisted that the law would be a step toward combatting human trafficking, adding many of those involved with the crime will use marriage to cloak the activity.  Mills does not see the business logic in using marriage in that manner.

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Mills says the new law still gets in the way of having a child being born into a proper family setting with the lack of traditional marriage.

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Tulane releases a report comparing pre and post-expansion quality of life for the expansion’s 475,000 enrollees, and the results look positive.

Monthly trips to the ER were down 22 percent. Tulane Health Policy chair Mark Diana says repeat visitors saw a nearly nine percent drop in visits.

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The study also shows the number of people who report they did not take medication as prescribed due to cost dropped by 66 percent.

The distance an expansion patient had to travel to get care dropped by up to four miles. Diana says for the Medicaid population it can be the difference between seeing and not seeing a doctor.

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That decrease may be linked to the 12 percent increase in the number of providers who accepted at least 10 Medicaid patients a year after the expansion. The largest declines were in gynecology and obstetrics.

Providers who accept Medicaid saw a 35 percent increase in Medicaid patients post-expansion. Diana says that’s resulted in a substantial increase in the use of nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

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The report came out yesterday, which was the three year anniversary of the Governor’s executive order permitting the expansion.


LSU Football kicks off camp today with the team rolling into Baton Rouge with more hype and expectations than they’ve had in over half a decade.

Fans are buzzing about the addition of former Saints assistant Joe Brady, who’s been tasked with dragging the offense into the 21st century. Tiger Rag assistant editor Tyler Nunez.

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Brady was brought on as passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach.

Nunez says while some fans might be obsessing over the Xs and Os of Joe Brady’s offense, most fans will have their eyes on…

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LSU ended the 2019 recruiting season with the 5th ranked class.

Linebacker isn’t the only position the team lost a major veteran presence at. Former tight end Foster Moreau got drafted by the Raiders, and Nunez says fans are interested to see who steps up to fill the void.

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One player who won’t be at camp, 2019 four star linebacker Donte Starks, who reportedly is facing some academic issues that are preventing him from attending.


A settlement is being announced today by Baton Rouge Police involving Blane Salamoni, the officer who fatally shot Alton Sterling.  Salamoni appealed his termination, but has yet to have a hearing on that appeal.  Legal analyst Franz Borghardt says leading up to the announcement, there is not much clarity as to what that settlement means.

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Borghardt says the settlement could mean monetary compensation, a reinstatement, or a combination of several things as there are more questions leading up to the announcement than answers.

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Borghardt says the settlement could set a precedent on how future cases similar to that of Salamoni are addressed.

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