11:40 LRN Sportscast July 31

The Saints and Michael Thomas agree on a massive contract that will pay him five-years, 100-million dollars, which would make him the highest-paid receiver in NFL. Thomas led the NFL with 125 catches this past season and no other player in NFL has caught more passes in his first three seasons. The Voice of the Saints, Zach Streif, says Thomas is worth the investment.
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Thomas has been a training camp holdout, but is expected to rejoin teammates at practice tomorrow.

Speaking of practice, LSU men’s basketball coach Will Wade is hoping private donors will step up and help build a new practice facility for his program. Wade says he’s looking for the same type of efficiency for his basketball players that the football team is getting with its new facility…
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Wade says the upgrade to the basketball facility will be 15-million dollars.

LSU Coach Paul Mainieri says they are giving pitching coach Alan Dunn some additional technological support. Injuries to the pitching staff prevented the 2019 team from living up to its preseason number one ranking. Mainieri says they are in the process of converting one of their batting cages into a pitching lab that will help with development and look for red flags when it comes to possible injuries
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Mainieri says Jaden Hill, who missed of the season due to elbow soreness, will start throwing again on August 11th.