6:30 LRN Newscast

Senator Bill Cassidy releases a paid leave proposal for new parents. Cassidy says with the plan, new parents would be allowed to take $5,000 advance on the child tax credit, reducing the $2,000 annual benefit to $1,500 for ten years after the birth or adoption of a child…
cut 10 (11) “…that great expense”
Cassidy says the legislation has bipartisan support.

New legislative gives State Treasurer John Schroder the authority to return lost military medals to veterans of their families. Schroder’s office already oversees the return of unclaimed property, such as money from old banking accounts, payroll checks, stocks and utility deposits…
cut 9 (09) “…paper”
Schroder says his office would not return medals or military documents until after they go five years sitting in a safety deposit box or another depository after the lease period expires.

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber calls for a special session next year to focus on infrastructure needs. Matt Doyle has the story.  voicer 3 (30) “…I’m Matt Doyle”

It’s National Heatstroke Prevention Day, thankfully not to hot in Louisiana today. Rain chances higher for south Louisiana.