7:30 LRN Newscast July 30

After private schools voted to host their own high school athletic championships in certain sports, those “Select” schools have formed a new organization to represent the 108 participating institutions…
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A West Monroe man has been arrested after he allegedly tricked a man from California to come to Ouachita Parish and marry him. The victim traveled to Louisiana thinking he would marry a woman by the name of Rose, instead, he found out it was 48-year-old James William Eaton, who also received a thousand-dollars and care packages during the course of the online relationship.

A new study from LSU Pennington Biomedical researchers finds that fat stored in unhealthy locations in the stomach doubles a colorectal cancer patient’s risk of death within seven years. Dr. Justin Brown says there are two places fat gets stored in the belly, under the skin and deep in the abdomen.
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Brown says female colorectal cancer patients are more at risk for death if they have a high amount of fat stored deep inside the abdomen near vital organs.

State representative and breast cancer survivor Julie Stokes has decided not to seek re-election for her seat in Kenner. Stokes was diagnosed with cancer in 2017. In her next two years in the legislature, she worked to pass legislation to help those afflicted with cancer…
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