08:30 Newscast January 28, 2015

Studies show more and more women are buying guns and becoming more familiar with how to use them. Michelle Southern reports…

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The Assumption Parish Sheriff’s Office says a deputy has been fired following a domestic dispute. They say 30-year-old Gary Ellis Jr., a four year veteran of the department, had been drinking when he began arguing with his wife. It’s alleged that Ellis threw his wife to the ground several times. When officers arrived, it’s reported Ellis tried to grab a deputy’s weapon. Ellis is charged with domestic battery, battery of a police officer, and attempted disarming of a peace officer.

Labor numbers for December reveal another record breaking month for Louisiana employment. Louisiana Workforce Commission director Curt Eysink, says total nonfarm employment grew to 1,992,000, as private employers added 34-thousand jobs over the year. He says professional business services is one of the strongest sectors for job growth…

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Louisiana’s unemployment rate continues to go up, even though the number of people who are employed is also increasing.

Acadiana food critic Bob Carriker has come up with a “Boudin King Cake” that’s getting a lot of attention. The King Cake uses a bread that is savory, not sweet, stuffed with boudin, and topped with Steen’s syrup and cracklin. Carriker says his idea immediately went viral so he ran down to a local baker…

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Carriker says he’s gotten messages from Alaska, New York, Washington and California from people who want one.