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Senate President John Alario has seen it all during his time in the Louisiana legislature, which is coming to an end. After 48-years, the term-limited Alario has made the decision not to run for a seat in the House.  Alario led the upper chamber in this last legislative term that saw multiple special sessions, because of disputes over state financing. Alario says the art of compromise is fading at the state capitol

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Alario says he’s going out on a good note as the legislature recently approved a one-thousand teacher pay raise.

A Lafayette judge is the target of scrutiny after ordering a bailiff to tape a defendant’s mouth shut.  15th Judicial District Court Judge Marilyn Castle has Michael Duhon’s mouth taped after multiple interruptions.  Was the judge in the right to pull this rarely seen maneuver?  Lafayette Attorney Tommy Guilbeau…

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When LSU athletics unveiled a 28-million dollar athletic complex for the football team this week it inspired one alum to start a Go-Fund-Me campaign to raise funds for a new library for the university. Brooke Thorington has more.

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