12:30 Newscast January 26, 2015

It’s estimated that Saturday’s prayer rally on the LSU campus that featured Governor Bobby Jindal drew over three-thousand people. Jindal, who is considering a presidential run, didn’t talk politics while on stage, but did ask the crowd to pray for President Barack Obama. Jindal also said that God has given us the book of life…

cut 7 (10) “our God wins”

The event also drew hundreds of protesters upset the American Family Association paid for the event. The A-F-A has been classified as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, because of it’s views on same sex relationships.

The Revenue Estimating Conference meets today in order to determine the budget shortfall Louisiana faces this fiscal year and next. A $1.4 billion deficiency was projected for next fiscal year, but that will more than likely grow as the price of crude oil continues to plummet. It is expected that mid-year budget cuts will be needed to offset the deficit.

A University of Michigan Medical School study finds there has been an almost 30-percent increase in the report of falls among the elderly since the late 90s. Don Molino has more…

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