10:30 Newscast January 26, 2015

It appears that state Treasurer John Kennedy is testing the waters for a few races in this year’s upcoming elections. Scott Carwile reports…

cut 2 (28) “reporting”

State Police report a single-vehicle accident in St. Tammany Parish has left one dead and another injured. Authorities say 56-year-old Brian Chopin was speeding when he lost control of his vehicle in a curve and went off the road. The vehicle became airborne before hitting several trees. Chopin was pronounced dead at the scene. His wife, 53-year-old Lori Chopin received moderate injuries in the crash and was transported to a local hospital. The investigation is ongoing.

A University of Michigan Medical School study finds there has been an almost 30-percent increase in the report of falls among the elderly since the late 90s. Dr. Cathi Fontenot, with LSU Health Internal Medicine, feels the increase could be, in part, due to older people maintaining higher levels of activity that make them susceptible to falls…

cut 3 (09) “get on ladders”

Fontenot says it’s important to keep core muscles as strong as possible to help maintain your balance.

Today, a Caddo District Court will hear the case of 32-year-old Gabriel Lee who is accused to tying up and abandoning a baby pit-bull in October 2013, and some angry citizens expected to be in attendance. The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office issued a release saying no public demonstrations are allowed in or near the Courthouse. The dog’s new owner, Bo Spataro says nothing like that is planned…

cut 12 (08) “gone to waste”

Spataro says they are hoping Lee gets the maximum sentence allowed.