8:30 LRN newscast May 3

Vice President Mike Pence visits Mount Pleasant Baptist Church today, one of the three churches recently torched in St. Landry Parish…
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It’s a challenging day for those who work at the Times-Picayune and NOLA.com. The Advocate has purchased the 182-year-old New Orleans-based newspaper. Those who work at the Times-Pic are facing a lay off and there’s no guarantee they’ll be rehired by the Advocate.

Ecologists are sounding the alarm about a huge increase in the number of dead dolphins off the coasts of Louisiana and Mississippi. Institute for Marine Mammal Studies President Dr. Mody Solangi says 28 dead dolphins were found in April, 55 since January.
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Solangi says there are two possible causes, Mississippi River pollution and the opening of the Bonnet Carre Spillway sent fresh water into Lake Ponchatrain, which eventually makes its way into the Mississippi Sound.

The Trump administration has announced the easing of offshore drilling safety rules. Tulane Energy Institute Professor Eric Smith says rules put into place after the BP spill were overly harsh and now that they’ve been rolled back, the Gulf of Mexico is more appealing for energy companies…
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