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A construction firm has been selected to manage the first phase of what would, if approved, ultimately be a 450-million dollar Superdome renovation. The first phase of construction will cost about 100 million dollars, and Superdome Commission spokesperson Mike Hoss says it focuses on making the dome easier to traverse, and bringing the food up to New Orleans standards…
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The plan is for all four phases of renovation to be completed before the 2024 Superbowl in New Orleans.
One year after the state legislature restored voting rights for some convicted felons, there’s an effort to allow certain convicts eligible for jury duty. New Orleans Representative Royce Duplessis says former inmates can provide valuable contributions…
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Almost 7000 families impacted by the duplication of benefits issues stemming from the 2016 flood will soon have access to Restore grant money. Kevin Barnhart has the details.
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The Advocate has purchased New Orleans’ longest running major paper, The Times Picayune. The Picayune traces it’s roots all the way back to January 1837, but had seen it’s circulation decline in the face of nationwide newspaper company struggles competition from the Advocate, who several years ago moved into the New Orleans market. The Picayune gained worldwide acclaim, and a Pulitzer, for it’s Katrina coverage.