LRN PM Newscall May 2nd

Almost 7000 families impacted by the duplication of benefits issues stemming from will soon have access to Restore grant money.  Kevin Barnhart has the details.

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The Superdome Commission has selected a construction firm to plot out the first of a four-phase 450 million dollar dome renovation, set to be completed before the 2024 Superbowl. Matt Doyle has the story.

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One year after the state legislature restored voting rights for some convicted felons, there’s an effort to allow some convicts to be eligible for jury duty. Baton Rouge Representative Ted James says his legislation would allow convicted felons to be called for jury duty once they are off parole or probation for five years

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The House Criminal Justice Committee sent the proposal to the full House after a 9-6 vote. Bossier City Republican Raymond Crews says his constituents are against this bill…

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But New Orleans Representative Royce Duplessis says former inmates can provide valuable knowledge to the criminal justice system…

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The House could vote on this proposal as early as next week.


The House health committee approves legislation that would allow medical marijuana patients to receive the drug through an inhaler, instead of a liquid or pill. Baton Rouge Representative Ted James says his measure gives patients the option to take medicinal cannabis in a metered inhaler, similar to an asthma inhaler…

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Medical marijuana is expected to be available at nine licensed dispensaries by the end of May. Doctors can prescribe the drug to those who suffer from chronic pain, epilepsy, seizure disorders, PTSD and other conditions. Marijuana physician, Dr. Victor Chou, says inhalation delivery can produce results in less than a minute

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Members of the House Health and Welfare committee heard moving testimony from veterans. An 11-year combat veteran from Belle Chasse says he’s using medical marijuana to treat P-T-S-D and he’s seeing positive results…

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The Trump Administration has agreed to rewrite the regulations so Louisiana RESTORE grant money can get in the hands of 2016 flood victims, who also received an S-B-A loan.  Baton Rouge Congressman Garret Graves says after months of delays, he expects the process to move quickly now.

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Congress approved legislation to fix the duplication of benefits loophole and it was signed into law by President Trump in October 2018.  Graves says the funding will help almost seven-thousand families in Louisiana who have been juggling the costs associated with flood recovery.

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Members of Congress from other areas of the country impacted by natural disasters pulled together for the effort, as this fix will also help victims of Hurricanes  Harvey, Maria, and Florence.  Graves says it was persistence from the group that helped push the effort along.

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A construction firm has been selected to manage the first phase of what would, if approved, ultimately be a 450-million dollar Superdome renovation.

Superdome Commission spokesperson Mike Hoss says they’re still a few months away from anything concrete, but the ultimate plan is to bring the Dome into the 21st century…

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One of the sought after additions will be a ticketed standing room “bar” section, like the one in Dallas, that Hoss says is aimed at younger fans.

The first phase of construction will cost about 100 million dollars, and Hoss says it focuses on making the dome easier to traverse, and bringing the food up to New Orleans standards…

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80,000 square feet of ramps will be removed in phase one.

A final funding plan has not been ironed out yet, but the Saints have agreed to pay for a third of whatever the total cost is. That means the remaining two thirds would be split between the Superdome, and the State. Hoss says hopefully the taxpayers won’t have to foot much of the bill.

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The plan is for all four phases of renovation to be completed before the 2024 Superbowl in New Orleans, and preferably before the 2023-2024 season starts.