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A bill that would conceal the identities of companies that sell lethal injection drugs and equipment to Louisiana clears committee and is headed to the House floor.Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops representative Rob Tasman says the state owes it to the tax payers to be open and honest…
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The bill’s writer says some transparency must be sacrificed to provide anonymity to pharma companies, or they won’t sell the state the chemicals.
Thousands of Louisianans with developmental disabilities will now be able to stay at home with their families after the Department of Health revamped a decades-old assistance waiting list. Assistant Secretary for the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities Julie Hagan says they’re prioritizing those who were set to be separated from their loved ones.
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The largest professional union representing educators, the National Education Association, releases a report of the how Louisiana teacher pay stacks up compared to the rest of the country. Kevin Barnhart has the story.
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The Superdome’s governing body is moving ahead with the first phase of a planned 450 million dollar renovation of the iconic home of the Black and Gold. The first phase will cost 100 million dollars and remove the structures ramps in favor of escalators and elevators, along with construction of a kitchen and food service area in a space currently used for parking.