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A WWL-TV report says Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser has State Police troopers drive him everywhere he goes, but he still receives 84-hundred dollars in annual salary to drive a personal vehicle to work. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says the investigative report is not a good look for Nungesser…
Cut 3 (10) “…State Police ”
The Lt. Governor says he rides with troopers only part of the time.
A bill that would have required producers of “almond milk” to label their product something other than milk has had an amendment added that would only allow the law to go into effect if similar regulations are approved at the federal level.There were concerns that having different names for the same products across state lines would create confusion. Houma Senator Norby Chabert says you’d end up having almond milk called one thing in Louisiana…
Cut 10 (12) “…product”
Louisiana Tech has launched the school’s inaugural Giving Day. Donor support makes it possible to help students attend Louisiana Tech through scholarships, plus it helps rebuilding portions of the school that were impacted by an EF-3 tornado last week. President of the Student Advancement team Maddie Patton says the donations have come in from around the country.
Cut 8 (09) “…have already given.”
On a narrow vote, the House Criminal Justice Committee approves a bill that expands the state’s stand your ground law to protect an individual who may have to use deadly force in churches. In Louisiana, people can bring a concealed weapon into a house of worship if the person or group in charge of the facility authorizes them to do so. An attorney for the firearm professionals of Louisiana explains why the legislation is needed…
Cut 14 (12) “…stop the attack.”
The measure heads to the House floor.