7:30 LRN Newscast May 1

A Shreveport Democrat’s speech against vaccinations on the floor of the Louisiana Senate gets the attention of Republican US Senator Bill Cassidy.
Voicer 3 (30) “I’m Matt Doyle”

WWL-TV says Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser has State Police troopers drive him everywhere he goes, but yet he receives 84-hundred dollars in annual salary to drive his personal vehicle to work. Nungesser says he rides with troopers only part of the time.

A measure to legalize sports wagering in the state receives Senate approval and is heading to the House. Metairie Senator Danny Martiny says there’s already an active sports betting black market, and while the law may increase the overall amount of gaming, it will also contribute funding for early childhood education….
cut 8 (11) “…early childhood education”
No one spoke against the legislation.

National signing day is months away, but LSU football currently has the number one rated class in 2020, according to 24-7 sports. The Tigers just landed a verbal pledge from the country’s number two inside linebacker, Virginia’s Antonie Sampah. 24-7 sports recruiting analyst Shea Dixon says expect more linebacker talent to come to Baton Rouge after Tampa Bay used the fifth overall pick to select Devin White…
cut 17 (09) “…in the draft”