6:30 LRN Newscast May 1

The state senate has approved legislation that would lead to the legalization of sports betting. Metairie Senator Danny Martiny says under his legislation there are specific places where a gambler can legally put money down on a sporting event…
cut 9 (11) “…place a bet”
The measure heads to the House where it will likely face opposition from Republicans that represent conservative districts.

During discussion on the Senate floor over a bill that would allow adults to opt into a statewide immunization database, Shreveport Democrat John Milkovich listed reasons why he believes vaccinations are dangerous…
cut 12 (11) “….mercury”
But Republican US Senator Bill Cassidy calls Milkovich’s rant “fake news.”

A state senate committee approves legislation that would ban abortions if a fetal heartbeat is detected. Kevin Barnhart has the story…
Cut 1 (30) “I’m Kevin Barnart”

Hancock Whitney Bank announces it will buy MidSouth Bancorp of Lafayette for 213-million dollars. MidSouth has been struggling with bad loans.