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An overnight mobile home fire leaves two children dead in the Franklinton area.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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NFL owners vote to expand the use of instant replay to include pass interference, both calls and non-calls like the one in the NFC Title game. Jeff Palermo has more…

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State Fire Marshal investigators are on the scene of a mobile home fire that left two children dead (10 year old girl, 6 year old boy) in the Franklinton area. Shortly after midnight, firefighters were dispatched to the home. State Fire Marshal Butch Browning says a total of seven people were in the home at the time of the blaze.

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Browning says the fire has shaken the community.  Deputies are currently conducting their investigation into the origin and cause of the fire.

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Browning says the tragedy serves as a reminder of the importance of having an escape plan in the event of a fire.

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Even though it will not change the outcome of the NFC Championship game, the Saints secured a victory on Tuesday night when the NFL owners voted to expand the use of instant replay to include pass interference calls and allow for the review of a non pass interference call. Coach Sean Payton led the charge for the new rule…

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Saints Owner Gayle Benson vowed to make changes to the NFL rulebook after the team felt they were denied a chance at playing for a Super Bowl, because of a non-pass interference call. Payton arrived at the NFL owners meeting earlier this week, lobbying others to allow instant replay look at pass interference calls…

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Coaches can now challenge questionable pass interference plays until the last two minutes and then it’s subject to a booth review. Heading into the owners meetings, there was resistance in expanding replay use for penalties, but Payton says after some convincing, there’s majority support for pass interference calls

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20-year-old Elias Smallsreed is locked up following a multi-parish police pursuit on I-10 yesterday that ended in Baton Rouge when the suspect crashed into several cars. State Police spokesperson Taylor Scrantz says the wild episode started when a trooper attempted to make a traffic stop on Smallsreed’s vehicle

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Scrantz says Smallsreed then hooked a U-turn and headed back into the direction of Baton Rouge, where he then encountered traffic.

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Authorities with the help of a K-9 then removed the man from the vehicle.  Scrantz says Smallsreed was impaired at the time and he had drug paraphernalia on him. Had Smallsreed complied from the start, Scrantz says the situation likely would not have escalated to the point it did, but now he’s facing a litany of charges.

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Seven people have been arrested in an alleged U-Haul insurance fraud scheme that authorities say was led by 42-year-old Hayward Howard and 28-year-old Jasmine Howard. The team allegedly staged two wrecks in Orleans Parish, and then filed claims against Howard’s U-Haul purchased short term insurance. State Police Trooper Monroe Dillon.

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The allegations by RepWest about the August 2018 crash were forwarded to the Louisiana State insurance fraud section.

So why pick U-Hauls for insurance fraud? It might be because the recommended insurance for truck drivers is actually separate from your regular car insurance, and Dillon says it’s possible the hustle may not have resulted in Howard’s premiums increasing.

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Those inside of the vehicles during the staged wrecks filed personal injury claims as well.

Dillon says the other five people catching charges were in on the scam, and likely going to get a cut of whatever the settlement was.

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Everyone involved was from New Orleans.