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NFL owners are discussing proposals to expand the use of instant replay and challenges, inspired by the infamous “Nola No Call” in the NFC Championship game. The historically change-averse NFL leadership has expressed hesitation about any officiating overhauls in the past, mainly citing concerns about adding additional time to the already lengthy broadcasts. Saints president Dennis Lauscha.
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new rules regarding instant replay might not be approved until May.
Today is Diabetes Alert Day, a day where Americans are encouraged to find out if they are at-risk for pre-diabetes. Outpatient Medical Center diabetes prevention projector coordinator Cynthia Parker.
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The Office of Juvenile Justice cut the ribbon on a new, modern rehabilitation facility in Bunkie today after months of delays. Deputy Secretary Dr. James Bueche says the “Missouri Model” facilities reduce recedivism, and they plan to use this model moving forward for all new facilities, and plan to help pay for future construction using the savings you can generate from housing youths in the smaller rehabilitation centers.
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The first 12 incarcerated youths will be housed in the facility which is set to expand over the next few months to 72 beds.
The Bonnet Carre Spillway is closing after opening many of it’s bays a month ago to relive pressure on the Mississippi River levee system that was in danger of over topping thanks to the substantial amount of water crashing down from upriver spring rains and snow melt. At it’s peak this year, 206 of the 350 bays were opened. The river level in New Orleans is currently at 16.5 feet, and is expected to lower over the next few weeks.