6:30AM LRN Newscast March 26

Budget hearings start next Monday and most state leaders appear to be on-board to give teachers a raise, including Republican House Appropriations Chairman Cameron Henry who has proposed a budget that includes a $1,000 raise for teachers and an additional 500 for support staff…

Cut 10 (11) “…million dollars”

The raises would cover workers in K-12 education.

A LSU Health New Orleans School of Public Health study finds women in southeast Louisiana exposed to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill continue to experience symptoms of trauma, even nine years following the incident. Lead author Dr. Ed Peters says they studied nearly two-thousand women who live in seven coastal parishes affected by the spill…

Cut 4 (11) “…the oil spill.”

Peters says many of the women studied are not seeking the proper care for their mental health.


Louisiana’s GOP chairman is trying to keep the primary from devolving into another 2015 bloodbath that political analysts say helped put Democrat John Bel Edwards in the governor’s mansion. Matt Doyle has the story.