9:30 LRN Newscast January 31

The American Lung Association has released a series of recommendations on how the state can reduce the percentage of adults who use tobacco, which is 29-percent. They suggest raising the cigarette tax, strengthen existing statewide smokefree laws and Director of Advocacy Ashley Lyerly says increase the minimum age to purchase tobacco to 21-years-old….
cut 6 (09) “…the adults”
The C-D-C says 12-percent of high schoolers smoke cigarettes in Louisiana.

A Tulane study finds that the sea level could be rising faster than originally thought in low-lying areas of Louisiana. Researcher Molly Keough says tide gauges are only telling part of the story, because the land is also sinking. Keough says one way to help build up the coast is river diversion projects that have been talked about for several years…
cut 9 (11) “….through science”

The details are apparently still being finalized, but reports say LSU football Coach Ed Orgeron will receive a contract extension. Kevin Barnhart has the story.
Cut 3 (28) “I’m Kevin Barnhart”

Still waiting on a ruling from a federal judge in New Orleans regarding the no call lawsuit filed against the NFL by two Saints season ticket holders. The upset fans are trying to get the courts to force the NFL to invoke a rule that could result in a do over the NFC Championship game. But the Super Bowl is only a few days away and legal analysts say it was a long shot lawsuit to begin with.