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A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology has discovered an association between poor sleep and plaque buildup in arteries throughout the body, which can cause issues such as strokes and heart attacks.  Chief of Cardiology at LSU Health New Orleans Dr. Frank Smart says he’s hesitant to say the blockages are a result of the poor sleep.

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Smart says in the study, in one subgroup of women who got over 8 hours of sleep, it showed there was an increase in plaque buildup.

And that’s not the only news coming out of the venerable institution.  A patient who underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy at LSU Health New Orleans showed a big improvement in their mental and physical faculties. Director of Hyperbaric Medicine Dr. Paul Harch.

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The vote by LHSAA principals to hold private school state championship games at a separate venue from the public schools creates another dilemna for the leadership of high school athletics.

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LSU Football ticket prices are going up in most coveted seats, but down in the less ought after areas of the stadium. LSU ticket manager Brian Broussard.

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