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A federal judge in New Orleans needs to hear more before she rules on a lawsuit filed by two Saints ticket holders over the NFL’s miss pass interference call in the NFC Championship game. The suit calls for Roger Goodell to invoke Rule 17, which gives the commissioner to order a part of the game to be replayed replayed. But the NFL says on the field calls by the referees are final.

An LSU Health New Orleans doctor says he’s seen a notable, and measurable increase in quality of life for an Alzheimer’s patient….
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Temperatures are in the 30s for most of the state and wind chills are in the 20s as a result of an artic blast that’s reached the Gulf Coast. State Climatologist Barry Keim says we could several hours of below freezing temperatures over night and into tomorrow morning…
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Keim says we’ll see a warm up begin on Thursday.

Tickets in Tiger Stadium for higher demand sections will see a four to 12-percent increase for the 2019 season, but LSU ticket manager Brian Broussard says about 24-thousand tickets will see no change and others will see a double digit decline in price…
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While reducing prices in some areas may reduce income, LSU athletic officials believe the reductions will generate an increase in sales to offset the reduction of prices.