LRN AM Newscast January 28

There is the possibility we could see a light snowfall late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. Don Molino has the details…

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This evening at 5PM, National Geographic Channel is taking viewers on a trip to Caddo Lake to investigate an infestation of one of the most devastating invasive species in the country….

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You can now buy alcohol and tobacco with your LA Wallet digital driver’s license in Louisiana. Matt Doyle has more.

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An appellate court has blocked a convicted felon who comfortably won an election to be mayor of Ball from taking office, due to an amendment that passed on that same November 2018 ballot that barred felons from running for, or holding office for at least five years after their sentence. Roy Hebron’s attorney, Charles Elliot, says they are disappointed in the ruling.

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Hebron’s sentence on a FEMA fraud related charge ended in 2017.

Elliot says they plan on further appealing the decision, because the amendment did not take effect until after Hebron won his election with 56 percent of the vote, so he should be allowed to serve his term.

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Opponents argue that the amendment states convicted felons cannot run for OR hold office, thus disqualifying Hebron.

Elliot says this is partly the state legislature’s fault. He noted they added specific, applicable time limits to the unanimous jury verdict amendment that passed…

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Elliot adds the town council elected a mayor pro-temp in the meantime, but then did not ask the former mayor, who filed the suit against Hebron, to leave.


Authorities are working to bring back a south Louisiana man suspected of killing his parents and his girlfriend, plus her father and brother. 21-year-old Dakota Theriot was arrested Sunday at his grandmother’s home in Virginia. Theriot’s killing spree started Saturday at a home just outside of Walker and then he went to his parents home in Gonzales. Ascension Sheriff Bobby Webre says some sort of domestic dispute sparked the slayings

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Theriot faces multiple murder charges, home invasion and illegal use of weapons in Louisiana. He has been arrested before, but mainly for minor charges. Livingston Sheriff Jason Ard says Theriot was living with his girlfriend and the relationship was relatively new…

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Webre says Theriot’s father gave authorities the information they needed to begin the massive manhunt for the suspected killer…

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Theriot’s parents are 50-year-old Keith and Elizabeth Theriot of Gonzales. The victims in Livingston have been identified as 43-year-old Billy Ernest, 20-year-old Summer Ernest and 17-year-old Tanner Ernest.


The National Geographic Channel will feature Caddo Lake on its critically acclaimed documentary series “Explorer” at 5 PM Monday, the sight of a nasty infestation of giant salvinia. The lake is split between Texas and Louisiana, and Caddo Lake Institute Executive Director Laura-Ashley Overdyke says…

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Salvinia is a floating fern that hails from Brazil, and once it takes root it can cover acres of water in just a few days, doubling every week during growing season. Overdyke says it can cause massive damage to ancient local ecosystems in just a short amount of time, in one of two devastating ways.

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The documentary will take viewers out on a flat boat through those troubled waters, and across the border into Texas where efforts are underway to create a creature that can go toe to toe with the growing menace.

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The host, Sal Masekala, is credited with calling Lake Caddo one of the most magical locations he’s ever seen.


The Office of Alcohol and Tobacco has certified the LA Wallet app, a digital version of your driver’s license, for booze and Tobacco purchases. ATC Commissioner Juana Marine Lombard says it’s up to restaurants whether or not they want to accept digital IDs, but business that are interested have been training their staff to be ready to accept the app when customers order a beer.

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Lombard says they’ve been working closely with the DMV and Envoc, the company that created the app, to make sure it was secure, and could not be manipulated by a particularly craft under age kid to buy alcohol. She says a fake digital ID would be incredibly hard to pull off.

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Lombard says digital IDs are the way of the future, and celebrated the fact that Louisiana is the only state to have a digital license that lets you pick up some adult substances.

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The app, which costs 5.99 to activate, launched in app stores on all major platforms in July of 2018.


Full squad workouts are underway for the highly touted LSU Baseball team. The Tigers are ranked either first or second in every major college baseball preseason poll. Coach Paul Mainieri says junior right-hander Zack Hess will be the leader of their pitching staff…

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Hess had an up and down sophomore campaign, but Mainieri liked what saw from his Friday night starter when he pitched last summer with the USA National team.

LSU’s everyday line-up is nearly set with Antoine Duplantis, Daniel Cabrera, Zach Watson and a healthy Josh Smith is back. Mainieri says the big position battle is for first base and four freshman are vying for playing time there…

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The other two freshmen are CJ Willis from Ruston and Gavin Dugas from Houma.

Mainieri says the weekend rotation will be led by Hess and Eric Walker is penciled in as the Sunday starter as he returns from Tommy John Surgery. The coach says freshman right-hander Landon Marceaux from Destrehan could be the Saturday starter, but that could change by opening weekend…

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