LRN AM Newscall January 7

At 23 years of age, the village of Turkey Creek in Evangeline Parish has the youngest mayor in the state’s history.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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The U.S. Surgeon General says a record 2.1 million American teenagers vape. Matt Doyle spoke with a local health expert about this epidemic.

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Governor John Bel Edwards will address the Press Club today.  Kevin Barnhart speaks with political analyst Bernie Pinsonat on what we’ll expect to hear.

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Construction begins today to improve the integrity of the I-210 Prien Lake Bridge in Calcasieu Parish.  The 35-million dollar project is expected to last one year.  DOTD spokesperson Tammy York says motorists need to be prepared for a slowdown in the area.

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York says the first phase kicking off today is to prepare the structure for a redecking that will happen in the second phase of the project.

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York recommends drivers find another route to avoid the area if possible.

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The village of Turkey Creek in Evangeline Parish now holds the distinction of having the youngest mayor to hold the office in the history of the state.  Phillip Cavins, who is 23-years-old , says growing up, he’s always had an interest in government and politics.

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Cavins says he grew up on the outskirts of city limits, and has fond memories of riding bikes, skateboarding, and playing basketball in the area.

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Cavins says the age distinction didn’t dawn on him.  Once he qualified for the position and found out he was running unopposed, someone reached out and let him know he was likely the youngest mayor in the history of the state.

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The U.S. Surgeon General has declared teen vaping an epidemic as a report says an estimated 2.1 million middle and high school students are using the electronic cigarettes. Department of Health Assistant State Health Officer, Dr. Joseph Kanter, says just because it’s not a traditional cigarette, doesn’t mean it isn’t terrible for your health, particularly if you’re young.

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10.7 million kids aged 12 to 17 say they’ve tried the cigarette alternative, and Kanter says even worse, two thirds of them were not aware that e-cigs were harmful to their health. Kanter says it took decades to crush teen smoking, and this new trend could see it come back.

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Kanter says it’s particularly disturbing considering how much leeway vape companies are given in their advertising. He says while traditional cigarettes are banned from promoting in a way that attracts kids, e-cigarette companies are specifically targeting youth.

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Governor John Bel Edwards addresses the Baton Rouge Press Club today as he begins the final year of his current term.  Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat expects Edwards will tout his accomplishments and also tell us his re-election message…

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Pinsonat says of the accomplishments, Edwards will likely highlight the stability in the budget as well as funding for education and health care.

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Pinsonat predicts Edwards will focus on the goal of teacher pay raises, as Louisiana is below the southern regional average.

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Former Haughton star and Sulphur native Dak Prescott won his first NFL playoff game on Saturday as the Cowboys defeated the Seahawks 24-22. Prescott threw for 226 yards and one touchdown. He also rushed for a touchdown as Dallas moves on to play the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday

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The Saints will host the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday in the NFC Divisional Round. Former ULM star and Philadelphia Coach Doug Pederson is now 4-0 in the playoffs as a head coach. The Eagles stunned the Bears 16-15 yesterday with a dramatic wild card win in the Windy City. Pederson and quarterback Nick Foles have been unstoppable in the postseason the last two seasons

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The Eagles and Saints will meet for a second time this season at 3:40 on Sunday. New Orleans smashed Philly 48-7 in the Superdome on November 18th. Pederson expects a much closer contest this time…

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